JorZine - Sinprophecy


Formed in 2009
Label: None
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sayed Ragai: Vocals

Amr Mohamed: Guitars

Mohamed Sa'eed: Guitars

Omar El Baroumi: Bass Guitar

Ahmed Alaa El-Din: Drums

Vacant: Keyboards



Sayed Ragai is the founder of the band. 
The band started in 2010 or you can say the reunion 

in 2009 It started as non-genre band playing covers for various bands like 
( Korn , Jungle Rot , Ektomorf , Hatebreed , Slayer ... etc) 
under the name " Harmony Violence "
and the members was Sayed Ragai , Amr Fadaay and Youssef El-Qushairy.

then the band stopped and almost split up , Later on the band was on hold. 

but we decided to continue what we have started and that was the reborn of the band under the name Sinprophecy .

then Elave joined The band .
and it went into a whole different level of professionalism and inspiration.

then Omar El Baroumi joined the band after playing for a while without a bassist.

then Youssef El-Qushairy left the band and Hani Sami Zaki joined 
the band as the new drummer .

then lately Nur Azmy joined the band and that was our first time to add keyboards to our music but he gave our music this atmospheric mode .

lately Elave has left the band due to some special circumstances .

then sheva joined the band as the new guitarist .


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