JorZine - Segadoras


Formed in 2011
Label: None
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Bahaa El Kresly: Vocals
Mohamed T.Mishmish: Guitars
Abdelrahman Elansary: Guitars,vocals
Hossam El Tawdy: Bass
Mohab Sami: keyboards
Aladdin Essam: Drums



Segadoras started in 2006 .. former members were Sherif Tarek "Guitars" , abdullah el najjar "Guitars" , Uno "Drums" , Shady Nagy " Bass guitar" , Nur Azmy "Keyboards" , Slage "vocal" , Margot "vocal".

we were playing Gothic covers of Epica and after forever... then band broke up in 2007...!! during that period "2006 -- 2007" musicians joined segadoras >> Hani Sami Zaki & Hatem el Daw "Drums"... Then here we are playing in 2011 with the former members (nur azmy-- uno) but nur azmy left the band from that moment Bido is the manager of the band and made some changes in the band members and starting to play again but with combining Melodic death .


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