JorZine - Sand Aura

Sand Aura

Formed in 2007
Label: Haarbn Pro
Genre: Middle Eas
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Muhammed Hassany: Extreme Vocals
Mostafa El-tarabishy: Drums
Amr El-Zanaty: Percussions
Ehab Khaled Fawzi: Guitars
Shung: Guitars
Basma Abbass: female vocals
Mustafa Sami: Arabic-chants Vocals



Sand Aura is a band established on the concept "WE ARE ALL HUMAN"
And the belief of the unification of all cultures, religions,and historical backgrounds of the new age's concept. Which was forgotten and lost , through conflicts and wars all over the world that are being headlines
We are trying through Our music to defeat the new (Aljahelia-Ignorance).
We believe that the variation of humans should bring unification not conflicts. Unification that leads to global peace.

And so with the proud of the culture and religion that Sand aura's members belong to, they are calling for the concepts they believe in.

Sand Aura is a middle eastern progressive metal band from Cairo (Egypt), formed on early 2007 by both Muhammed Hassany and Shung.


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