JorZine - Paindemonium


Formed in 2007
Label: None
Genre: Melodic Bl
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Salama: Guitars, Vocals
Raafat: Guitars, Vocals
M: Bass Guitar



The band was formed in Cairo, Egypt in 2007 by Raafat (Drums), Salama (Guitars) & Razam (Bass) as a melodic blackened death metal band. In early 2009 Raafat switched to guitar due to the need for a second guitarist. In mid 2009 Razam left the band and M joined as the new bass player. The first demo was recorded in mid 2009 and was rerecorded in 2010 with some additions and changes. the first EP was released in 14/7/2010.

The ultimate purpose of the band is to spread the knowledge about the world domination by the New World Order designers "The Illuminati cult", and the urge for a revolutionary resistance to crush their movement.


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