JorZine - Exile


Formed in 2008
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitar Nader Natsheh
Bass Ibrahim Al-khatib
Drums Mahmoud Tayyem



EXILE was founded by guitarist Nader back in 2008, when he brought the members to jamming sessions to play together, then they decided to come up with their own music that is influenced by the old school masters back in the 80's. because they all knew that the 80's was the golden era for thrash metal.

Nader and Hasan were friends before and wanted to take the jamming more seriously so they both met Tayyem the drummer who was also interested in the same musical style.

The three thrash maniacs continued playing together and now they are recording their first demo album at Tayyem's basement with the sound technician Ala'a Hamdan (SymphoQueen Production). The demo is entitled DEAD THRASHERS RISING which is a name that depicts their passion to the old school thrash

EXILE's music is based on aggressive riffs that should be as fast as the old thrash was, unlike the lame and lazy new wave trends of what it is believed that it is metal, LONG LIVE OLD SCHOOL THRASH!!


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