JorZine - Esodic


Formed in 1999
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash/Dea
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Matt Kurd
Guitar Marwan
Guitar Ahmad Kayyali
Bass Matt Kurd
Drums Zeid Amarin



ESODIC (the transporters of actions from the outside directly effecting the center)
The legacy of Esodic began with a seed of inspiration from the legendary band SLAYER, and under this influence, Guitarist Nour and former drummer Firas decided to form a thrash metal band. They began rehearsing and writing material, yet they felt that a vital element was lacking, and they found the missing talent in guitarist Marwan Kayyali.  The lineup was almost complete but needing a bass player, and surly enough, Fadi Mwalla soon stepped up to the plate. The missing ingredient left to be seen was a vocalist, and as fate ordained it, two weeks after forming Mohammad joined the band as a vocalist and at that point the elements of the band were fully recognized.
What distinguished Esodic from the many other bands in Jordan was that they were the first band in Jordan to play their beloved form of speedy and loud thrash metal. They began to amass a loyal following as they played gigs around Jordan, but unfortunately, members Fadi and Firas left the band due to irreconcilable issues. Thus Esodic was battling to establish their band anew and continue their journey into the realms of the heavy metal world.
In order to get back in shape, Marwan began asking around for a new drummer, soon choosing his friend Ibrahim. In late 2002 Esodic started composing their own music, and their first released single was entitled Dawn Of Victory. The release of their first Demo, containing 2 demo songs, shook the whole metal community in Jordan, as people were unaccustomed to their brand of thrash/death metal music. After a short while Ibrahim left the band due to his demanding career, which meant he could not give full dedication to Esodic any longer. Zeid Amarin filled the bands missing spot as a skilled drummer giving Esodic a much needed motivational boost.
The ball got rolling for Esodic In 2005  when a well known international musical competition- The Global Battle of The Bands- was organized in Amman and it was open for all middle-eastern bands to join, so the band signed up. Esodic bashed the stage and gained massive feedback and tons of energetic responses from the attending crowd during their performances, leading them to be ranked up to the final stage with the most dominant number of fans from all around the capital. Unfortunately, the band ranked in second after another local band but the experience proved to be a phenomenal starting point for establishing them as a legitimate force in the music scene. After G.B.O.B Nour departed from Esodic and the metal scene in general, for his own personal reasons, he was quickly replaced by Ahmad Kayyali, Marwan's brother, this lead to an increase in complexity and power in the bands new compositions, and they were back on track with a solid unbreakable lineup.
Esodic are still thrashing more than ever and are currently working on full length album containing 7 tracks, which will be unleashed within the next couple of months.

Former Members
Firas kayyali (Drums)
ibrahim qaisi (Drums)
Nour irshied (guitar,Former)
Fadi molla (Bassist)


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