JorZine - Escaping Provider

Escaping Provider

Formed in 2006
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Extreme Me
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitar Travis Harling
Guitar Bassel Bojeen
Bass Imad Younan ( Session )
Drums Salem AB.L



EscapingProvider a Extreme Progressive Metal band, founded by Travis Harling (VOCALIST/ Rhythm Guitar), began in Jordan in2009. The band was immediately acclaimed by their audience as In 2008 Travis Harling Was Uploading Rock sfords music formed this group, they selected the name “Escaping Provider“, meaning: “Of All the Martyrs of the world and the people in the gail especially ethnic minorities”

having a new, unique and exciting sound. They soon took their place in the rock scene and quickly gained popularity through a combination of their extreme originals, as well as boisterously executed covers of popular Rock songs.The band is a conglomeration of eclectic styles. Each member brings his personal passion to influence the  collective output.Salem Ab.l (Drummer), for instance, is deeply interested in a speedy, but incisive illumination of Progressive Rock , whereas Travis Harling (Vocals/ rhythm guitar) prefers the big and larg antomatices sounds of Rock . Bassel Bojeen (Lead Guitar), while We hate The Bass in the band so we decided to Remove it from the Band These diversities have created a band with the ebullient spirit and determination to produce "Lost in another Dimension" and form a creative camaraderie known


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