JorZine - Demintis


Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Ahmad Hafeth - Guitars,Vocals & Drums



Things all started out in december of 2004 when drummer Ahmad Hafeth and guitarist Ahmad Dajani first got interested in the local Jordanian scene and started palyin in numerous projects doin basic cover songs, Soon after Hafeth and Dajani started jamming with various musicians which would eventually lead to the joining of Sleiman Misleh on Bass, This gorup would soon name themselves Venomous Vein. Venomous Vein started out determined to stay true to their favoured Swedish Death Metal and so they did. In october of 2005 the band scored their first live gig in a competiton called Vibelution, Though this was a breakthrough for the band it would also prove to be a breaking point since a couple of months later the band disbanded and went their seperate ways. In april of 2006, Dajani, Sleiman,and Hafeth met up with vocalist Hemzeh Abu-Fares, so the search was on for another guitarist capable of pulling off their melodic style. This search ended when guitarist and friend Jehad Haddad joined up. With a full band at hand Dementis was formed and started jamming rigerously. In may of 2006, Dementis played in their first gig (End of Heartache), where eventhough they were a newly formed band you would never know it due to the Dementis chants screamed out by the phsyced crowd. Then on Dementis performed in two other gigs(End of Heartache 2 & The Burning) each time with a very powerful set. In late 2006 in spite of their success in the local scene, Jehad decided to leave the band which would soon lead to Hemzeh and Sleiman leaving the band for personal reasons. At this point Dajani & Hafeth found themselves just as motivated but without the proper backup they needed to feed this motivation, so each started with their own side projects until the day came where former Euphoria Guitarist Mo Ta'ifi signed up along side good friend and bassist Suhaib Tawalbeh, so with just one member to go to revive a full fuctioning Dementis the call was out for a vocalist, this was answered by Ahmad Badran. So Dementis have been through the ringer but still havent given up, they are definetely back and better than ever.

Former Members
Jihad Haddad - (guitarist)
Hamzeh Abu Fares (Vocals)
Sliman Al Mesleh (bassist)
Ahmad Dajani (Guitarist)
Mohammad Ta'eifi (Guitarist)
Kareem Ghandour (Bassist)


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