JorZine - Darkcide


Formed in 1998
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Doom Death
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

Band profile
Official website

Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitar Talal Daghestani
Bass Mohammad Nsour
Drums Rami Shawaqfeh



DarkCide was formed in 1998 by Talal Daghestani to introduce a well-structured, melodic and creative form of Death Metal to the Jordanian metal scene.

Joined, by Rami Shawaqfeh, a well known young technical drummer, the band performed numerous local shows and recorded two demos which were featured on the Malaysian compilation "Eastern Invasion II". In 2000, Talal returned for a short visit from his studies in Canada to recorded a full length album entitled "Mirror of Reality". The band seized to exist shortly after the release of the album

Darkcide has recorded a fulllength and had 2 tracks featured on a Malaysian Compilation. When they tried to record more professionally before the vocalist and guitarist would leave for Canada, they had some difficulties due to lack of experience, and Omar Al kilani left after disagreements

Former Members
Omar Al kilani (1998-1999)

Extra Information
After finishing his studies, Talal has revived his interest in putting a line up together in the United States, where he currently resides. His current project will carry the name "Cide".


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