JorZine - Claymore


Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Rakan Ayyoub
Rythm Guitar Hassan Joul G.
Lead Guitar Rakan Ayyoub
Bass Eid Qakiesh



The Members of Claymore are the same members of Metallholics the Jordanian heavy metal band in 2003, but they split-up for a huge misunderstanding happed between the members. It happened when Hassan (Rhythm) and Rakan (vocals, Lead) decided to create a band that plays Rap-core music which was very weird it happened in the year 2000, coincidently they met the bassist Jamil where he heard Rakan & Hassan talking about creating a band, so he came and asked if he can play bass with them .

In the same day, they met the drummer Saeed. In that day the band started under the name Metallholics and playing heavy metal. Later on Rakan name up with the name Claymore, but unfortunately the band broke up because of problems happened between the members.

From that day Jamil joined a punk rock band called pure tragedy, Rakan joined a rock band and they broke up before naming the band, too bad and from that day Rakan start doing side projects based on progressive metal, Hassan joined the black metal band Dark Enemy, and he quit it and started Black serpent (black metal band) with the drummer Saeed. October ’05, Rakan and Hassan start thinking of re-creating the band claymore, Under the Same Line-up.


The band released their only single "The Other Side". many problems showed up called to the band's break up in late 2006.

Former Members
Jamil Halaseh (Bass)
Saeed Sroujieh (Drums)


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