JorZine - Binding Shade

Binding Shade

Formed in 2010
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Belial (Ahmad Alhour)
Rythm Guitar Ja'far Jamal
Lead Guitar Darem Aqrabawi
Drums Abdullah Al-shinneh



Binding Shade is a Melodic-Death Metal band from Jordan - The Middle East - and was founded by the vocalist Belial (Ahmad Alhour) along side the guitarist Darem Aqrabawi in January 2010. These two members had devoted themselves fully to this project and kept their determination of getting it on the run.

It was a short period of time until they got all the members in, and started working on the materials. After a great command of jams and music composition, the recording had started! The recording took separate periods of time in a time-line of two months… March and April 2010. Thus, “Rendering Void” Album was their first manifested art… consisting of two groundbreaking, epic and atmospheric songs.

[ Band Manifesto ]

Our message lies principally in "Embracing Ourselves, Our Very True Nature!", indulging the very essence we are deep in our innermost-selves, a pledge of everlasting balance!

The "Shade" word in our band's name can be interpreted in many ways, such as:
The Fear of Success... A Shelter from the Sun, As in Failure before Attempt. Shade could be our other side, our innermost unexplored side... Shade could be refuge from reality... A sort of escapism...

Thus "Binding Shade": Becoming one with what we wish we are! With our very true individual nature! Paradoxically, becoming one with darkness itself, in order to know our abilities & limits, goals & outcomes, fears, doubts and bitterness.


Former Crew :
Hassan Jaber - Guitar
Nawaf Al-Raafati - Bass
Mahmoud Tayyem - Drums

Seeking a Bassist.
Contact the band's email for information. --- Ahmad Alhour


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