JorZine - Avowed


Formed in 1995
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Emad Alaeddin
Guitar Jesse DeSanto
Bass Nick LeRoux
Drums Erik Kreft



AVOWED is gaining ground as one of the hottest live bands in Los Angeles with their urgent, unique blast of rock. Growing up in Jordan, lead singer Emad Alaeddin’s only experience with rock music was whatever came through on the few Jordan radio stations. Now, with Avowed, Alaeddin is getting his powerful, hard-rocking tracks heard on the same radio stations he grew up listening to. Avowed began when Alaeddin met guitarist Jesse DeSanto. DeSanto grew up listening to metal and punk outfits from Pantera to Bad Religion while also being influenced by more melodic acts; Alaeddin only knew the bands successful enough to make it onto the few radio stations in Jordan, including rock artists Alice and Chains and pop hitters Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi. The duo eventually connected their styles into their unique blend of soul-rock and began searching for other musicians to compliment their edgy sound. After an endless six-year road of failed bands and a laundry list of bandmates that would make Spinal Tap thankful, their wishes came true when they found Erik Kreft (drums) and Nick Leroux (bass). Avowed, deciding to all live under one roof, now write, practice and record music day and night. “Its not just a band, it's more like a family,” says Alaeddin. After months of crafting their vision, sound, and songs, Avowed teamed up with Brent Clawson (Bullets and Octane, The Knives) to produce their self-titled debut album. With tracks like “How Does It Feel” and “Save The Angels,” Avowed has proved they can stand out with lyrics that connect with the audience and still stay personal to Alaeddin’s vision. The band just won a songwriting award for their first single, "How Does It Feel?" by, which can also be heard crackling through radios all over Jordan.


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