JorZine - Augury


Formed in 2000
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Melodic Bl
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Tareq Fayyad
Rythm Guitar Saeed Abu-Jaber
Lead Guitar Omar Nooreddin
Bass Muhannad Bursheh
Drums Sirenwave (Live)
Keyboards Basel Bursheh



Augury, formed in September 2000 by the 4 original members Muhannad Bursheh (Also in: Bouq, Tyrant Throne), Tareq Fayyad, Omar Nooreddin, and Saeed Abu-Jaber hail from Amman, the capital city of Jordan. The band plays a unique blend of blackened heavy metal with obvious neo-classical touches. Augury is unarguably one of the most important and significant metal bands in the archives of Jordanian metal and the surrounding area and is known by many as “The Legend”. After releasing “Temptation of Oath” in 2004 this band in particular brought the Jordanian metal scene back to life when it was stumbling in a great slumber and triggered what could be described as the "renaissance of Jordanian metal". The band’s first record, which is also considered to be the first metal release from Jordan with very decent audio production and a professional approach fascinated listeners locally and globally by its excellently arranged, constructed and performed songs, proving to be a true 'bona fide'. Through its music and stage excellence, the band received a hail of local and global applause. Augury has unfortunately been in a hiatus since 2006 as its members are scattered in several countries around the world.


Former Members:
Omar Ebdah - Drums (2000-2002)

Extra Information:
- Muhannad Bursheh: Also in "Bouq" & "Tyrant Throne"
- Official Myspace Page:
- Official Facebook Page:


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