JorZine - Atomos


Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Vocals Rami Mattar
Guitar Anas Hatahet
Bass Fouad Aazar
Drums Mazen Ayyoub



Atomos is a Progressive/Death Metal band formed in Jordan 2005, and was founded by Rami Mattar (Vocals). The band immediately received the acclaim of their audience, and soon took their place in the metal scene, and quickly gaining popularity through the combinations of their extreme originals, as well as boisterously executed covers of popular metal songs by bands such as Sepultura, Amon Amarth, Death, Bolt Thrower and Six Feet Under.

By 2006, the band had released 2 singles that received some popularity, which was just enough to motivate the band set forth and record an album. 2010, the demo album "Resurrection" was released and sold at Virgin Megastore, where it acquired both adulation as well as criticism from its fans, but the demo album (Resurrection) was only adumbrating of the bands actual potential, knowing that they can ameliorate the quality for their songs; they immediately began working on a new album. 2010, Anas Hatahet (Guitar) and Fouad Azar (Bass) joined the band, and began working on the new album “Lost in Another Dimension,” which is to include a diverse and neo-progressive/oriental sound of modern Jordanian metal.

The band is quiet the eclectic conglomerate of genres, since each member has his own personal choice, taste and influence when it comes to music, Mazen Ayoub (Drums), for instance, is deeply interested with speedy but yet the incisive sound of Progressive Metal, whereas Rami Mattar, would rather prefer the harsh and brutal sound of Thrash/Death Metal, or the fact that Anas Hatahet listens to the oriental melodies of Neo-Classical/Power Metal, whereas Fouad Azar would be jamming to the classic tunes of Prog-Rock and Heavy Metal. With these diversities, along with the band’s ebullient spirit and determination, forms a camaraderie known as… Atomos.

Former Members
Ahmad Kloub - Drums
Rami Khoury - Guitar
Muhammad Hijjawi - Guitar
Wasfi Khundaqji - Guitar


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