JorZine - Al Lat

Al Lat

Formed in 2011
Label: Set Produc
Genre: Oriental B
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals- Azmo Lozmodial
Drums Programming- Azmo Lozmodial
Keyboards- Deadcell
Oriental instruments- Haroon Al-masri
Guitars-Dylan Matheson



In per-Islamic paganism, Al Lat was one of the three great idols worshiped by the tribes residing in the Arabian Peninsula. Remanent of surviving writings briefly describe those idols and their greatness in the region at the time. Indeed, they are Arabic heritage of old civilization that was wiped out by future Islamic crusades, condemned by Prophet Mohammed and destroyed upon his command.
One of the more known writing, The Book Of Idols (Arabic: Kitab al-Asnam), written by the Arab scholar Hisham Ibn Al-Kalbi, gives a more extended version of those traditions. While intentions could be as minimal as the study of history, such writings are still unacceptable by modern Islamic society. This project introduces to you a non-bias view of these myths (sometimes altered for the sake of suspense), with a mixture of oriental melodies and a harsh black metal atmosphere. A Symphony meant to take you back along side: ancient deities, warring tribes, and deserts as far as the eyes could see.

It was so hard for the band to get together due to their different living spots, But the borderline cultural postern has been open wide for them to get together and to create such music.

At the outset of 2011, Al Lat has signed with "Set Pro." from Egypt, To release the first EP album "Arabian Myths", the release that contains 4 Oriental neolithic atmospheric Black Metal tracks, Deadcell has written all the music, And he wrote all the lyrics except the track "The Resurrection Of Zagut" that has been written by Azmo Lozmodial.


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