JorZine - Acolourfall


Formed in 2011
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Grunge / A
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals - James Wolfe , Chris Jackson
Rythm Guitar - James Wolfe
Lead Guitar - Samer Bata
Bass - Chris Jackson
Drums - Danny Smart



Having moved from Jordan to peruse a music career in the United Kingdom, Guitarist Samer has gigged, toured and slaved with many bands ranging from NWOBHM to sunstrip gutter, sleaze and glam. Despite touring and supporting some big name bands it never quite had the right feel, But it all changed during September 2010 when the concept of acolourfall was born.

The concept of acolourfall is simple: create music that is catchy, real and heart-felt but never becoming genre-specific, commercial or tainted with universal standards that some musicians wish to follow. To challenge their own comfort zone as well as push boundaries.

He was joined with good friend Chris Jackson, who later brought James Wolfe and finally Danny Smart to create something that has astounded metal lovers, punk rockers and subtly mixed in with the alternative scene. acolourfall bridge the gap between bands like Sevendust, Neurosis, Downset, Fear Factory, Deftones and a perfect circle - bands that very much influenced them over the years. They quickly took to the road and showcased their music acquiring fans and admirers. Hard, loud, heavy and melodic; the reaction they are receiving is proving that all the hard work done through the years is paying off one cheer at a time.

'I already see familiar people following us, turning up at every gig. that in itself is great and humbling at the same time' Notes the Jordanian born guitarist. The band are looking forward to introducing their music to new crowds and people all the time, and what a great place to start than on the Pages of Jorzine – Middle-east's premier metal web-zine. 'I don't want to forget about my roots and I want people to see all those built-up emotions and years of anger come out through music. I want people in the middle-east to get to know acolourfall and follow and support us along our journey.'

Acolourfall are by no means a new band. The collective accomplishments done over the years by Danny, Chris, James and Samer have defined this obvious choice of music and non-complient-image. The band's image vision, experience and determination is leading them to become bigger than any circumstance they might find. Currently, Acolourfall are preparing for the hard road ahead of them. Booking future gigs and writing music that is reminiscent of post-grunge era metal as well as being modern, full of catchy choruses and drop tuned and heavy riffs.


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