JorZine - Massive Scar Era (Mascara)

Massive Scar Era (Mascara)

Formed in 2005
Label: Vibe Studi
Genre: Post Hardc
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sherine Amr: Vocals,Guitars
Nancy Mounir: Violin
Seif El-Bayoki: Bass
Maged Faltas: Drums



Mascara plays hardcore music with both aggressive and clean vocals, violin, flute, and keyboard. It's melodic metal music. The band's name is an expression of how violent the world is becoming, as according to the band, they find that the world as it is now is "a massive scar era." The abbreviation "Mascara" was then put to add a feminine touch to band's title (Ma ="massive", sca="scar," ra="era"). The current members knew each other before forming the band and were initially united by their passion for music and performing.

Started as an all girls band in 2005 due to familie's restrictions and by the time, the members grew up and in 2009, they managed to change the rules for the favor of the music.

Throughout the past years, the band pleased to open for /share stage/share festival with amazing big bands like DREAM THEATER, IN FLAMES, ZZ TOP , HEAVEN AND HELL , IMMORTAL , THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MOTOR HEAD , AUGUST BURNS RED, ONWARD TO OLYMPAS , FOR TODAY, THE CHARIOT...


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