JorZine - Invaders


Formed in 2005
Label: None
Genre: Old School
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Tamer Essam: Drums
Moanis Salem: Bass Guitar
Wael Sameh: Guitars
Omar Brazily: Vocals
Tamer Brazily: Guitars,Vocals



INVADERS the band started on 2005 in Cairo Egypt by TamerEssam, Moanis Salem and the brothers Tamer & Omar, and later before the first concert, Wael Sameh joined the band.

The band is inspired mainly in famous rock bands, hard rock genres, classic rock and heavy metal, being the most common influences, the british rock band Iron Maiden.

Invaders used to be not only a Iron Maiden's cover band and also being a tribute band performing the classic-Maiden hits and later the original songs composed by the band.

From the latest of 2007 the band started to record the original songs composed by the members, and the lyrics also represents something in the history, or imaginations being the symbol to represent an idea, or thought, being carefully targeted to the audience.

Invaders always focus on many things , on how to deliver the songs to the audience, the stage being well prepared, the sound engineer being professional on his works, the visual of the band members, the projector to introduce the songs and many other external factors not related directly to the band like charity for whom in need.

The band has to take a break for several reasons, recording some original, that didn't finish until now, because the main lead vocalist ( Omar Brazily) moved permanently to Brazil.


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