JorZine - Hypoxemia


Formed in 2000
Label: None
Genre: Death Meta
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sherif Zaki: Vocals,Guitars,Keys

Alex fullick : Bass

Joey Matreson : Drum



After Closing the chapter with Adoption that formed in 1999 ,guitarist Sherif Zaki Formed HYPOXEMIA in Alexandria,Egypt as a quintet of 2000's The inaugural line-up included Sherif Zaki for guitars ,Bass,Keys  and Vocals, Joey Matreson in Drumz . later on yakout join the band to do some guitar parts and keys and become as a permanent member all band members is obsessed about extraterrestrials and all other alien lifeforms which its reflect on Hypoxemia music and it becomes as a theme for thier music and for who really Interesting, Believe in such a stuff out there .. the band has released their first EP "Megaton Capacity" you can check it out now if you are interesting for the music you can contact the band to have the EP for FREE. just contact the band in u can have the EP included the cover art work thanks for the support,  interesting in us .. Hypoxemia


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