JorZine - Enraged


Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Heavy Meta
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Vocals Rasha Magdy / Wael Ossama
Rythm Guitar Ahmed Diab
Lead Guitar Wael Ossama
Bass Bishoy Beast
Drums Mostafa Tarapeshy
Keyboards Ehab



Enraged was formed in 2005 by Wael O. and Rasha M. as a tribute to female fronted metal bands. The band performed for the first time in late 2005 as a tribute to Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. As the interest in original composing grew in Egypt's small community of metal fans, the band gradually shifted their direction towards writing and performing original material. In 2006 the band recorded and performed their first demo "The Truth that Lies Conceal". In 2007, Enraged preformed a complete set list of original music along other Egyptian bands opening for Nervecell in Egypt Metal 6th concert on March that year. A couple of weeks later, the band released another demo song "Ma'at" and from that point and onwards, the band mainly performed original material. As of 2009, Enraged has performed 13 original tracks


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