JorZine - Cartoon Killerz

Cartoon Killerz

Formed in 1992
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Alternativ
Origin: Egypt
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Sief Elkholy
Rythm Guitar Amkal Shebl
Lead Guitar Amgad shebl
Keyboards Tamer Hany



Cartoon Killerz Band was formed in the year 1992 by it founders Akmal & Amgad sheblss(Two brother playing guitars),
with the hope & dream of ROCK!!..the idea seemed enduring at the time,but then someone thought he cant wake up when
the dream was just begining...

The band idea all started at a friend party in 3agamy,two brothers invited to jam and play some loud music for some crowd...
after playing a couple of original tracks and (knockin' on heavens door,wanted dead or alive)..a funny guy was exicted
enough to let himself on stage singing along like a muthafucka!,and of course it turned out to be The band lead vocals
(Mustafa Omran) for the next 6 years or was all arranged then.

three weeks later they have a formation; Khaled Halfawy(Bass),mahmood reffat(Drums),and Tamer Hany(Nebbo&Keyboards).. and after a loads exciting & creative aimless jams the band was accepted by Osama Kamal To play thier first live ferformace at the first (monsters of rock) at cairo staduim they were to open the show"it sounded wonderful strumming a power chord on those Massive speakers"! says Akmal,they played an original set includings couple of "Never-Released" tracks (in your heart,look in my eyes).
the band dream was to play there music and to make their sound but the sence was more intersted in cover band's songs.
In the next years they covered loads of tracks from zepplin to megadeth,metallica and Guns 'n Roses to nirvana,Offspring
and pearl jam. they went on playing in every monsters of rock concert that was made back then:

1993:Seiage pyramids.
1994:sheraton rama club.(won the 2nd prize)!
1995:mokaweloon stadium.(qualified for the finals but jury dismissed the band for "inconvince" stage behavior!!!) HeLL!!
1995:3agamy abou talat (as a guest band)
1996:makawooln staduin (won the 2nd prize again)
beside the monsters of rock they performed live weekly at various Pubs And Clubs in Cairo

The Dream:
by the end of 1995 Cartoon killerz had dozen of orirgnal tracks they never performed Live!
they decided then it was the time for a record which then turned out to be the first of its kind in egypt.
it took a whole year recording the album "tomorrow's" with a lot of Obstacle starting from production,
sound engineers that had never dealed with overdrive(distortion)!!and finding the right sound on there own.
at the end the sound wasnt much what they dreamed of,but it was the best u could get!!
dec 1997 the Lp was mastered and ready to roll but it toke more than 2 years to be released officaily
at last in 1999 due to the 1997 events and circumstances!

the Dead zone:
1998-2001 the band had no activity at this time due separation; Mustafa went to the states,halfawy drifts to
cinema and dirceting,and Animal went for his career at the Opera,leaving akmal,amgad and tamer with no
more cartoonz to kill for (at least for a little while).
each one of the reminings started doing other projects and playing with other bands but"it never felt like home"
Says Amagd.

2002 the band was reformed by the raimaing three with Sief ElKholy,Azhary,Omar hussien.
they made there come back 2002 at the Cairo jazz club with thier album remastered release "Tomorrow's..Ten Years After"
the band with the new formation took a drift from playing rock/metal to more altrnative/rock
"and reggie/blues/country if it matters"adds Nebbo,it was a killer drift the band toke like a totally different face
of a same coin!!

the output they gave have was a tottaly different sound to the album released "tomorrow's" which consisets
of 8 track of metal/rock depressing song telling a story about boy discovers and his fate from the "Strom" were is to
be left alone,lost,betrayed and wounded,untill the end comes where he find himself singing still for "tomorrow's" blue sky.
from "why i m here" to "Aint got nuthin bu'luv" if got the drift!

they performed live but not regualry at CjC,Sakia,Bulls eyes,Nile FM festivals.
somewhere along the two brothers were opening thier own recording studio which helped recording new tracks for Cartoon Killerz.
thier last released track "Sometimes" was on 104.2 NileFM for six monthes in the row (2007).
the band now planning for releasing thier 2nd Lp "yesterdayz" and to prodcast thier new single "Red Eyes" on Radio after


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