JorZine - Brutus


Formed in 2007
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death / Th
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

Band profile
Official website

Current Line up:

Big Sam (The Beast) - Vocals
Al - drumz
Troy - Bass
Wez - guitars
T - guitars



'...the band formed in late 2007...four guys from different parts of the world jamming in a small studio in egypt, harboring no ambitions, no hope in a country that has no metal scene or good venues to perform at...our only goal is to write songs and release a cd...'

'...the debut album "All Roads Lead To Rome" is released in the spring of 2010, featuring 9 tracks, including song titles such as 'In Lies We Trust', 'Civil Unjust' (featuring guest vocals by Andy Kandil from The Moonshine Stalkers and BrainCandy), and 'We Are Chuck Norris'...'

'...after more than a year long hiatus from making music together, the guys are back in 2012 writing brand new material, initially planning a release before the end of the year...'


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