JorZine - Anarchy


Formed in 2008
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Adham Kafafy
Rythm Guitar Peter Ayman
Lead Guitar Ahmed Raouf
Bass Hazem Sherif
Drums Naeyr Ossama



In the beginning of 2009, “Anarchy” emerged as an idea in Cairo, Egypt from the efforts of band members Ahmed Raouf (Guitarist) and Naeyr Osama (Drummer). Later that year, after searching for other members to complete the line up, they found Hazem Sherif, an old friend, who completed the trio in terms of commitment and musical talent to fill the bassist position. The three members began experimenting with various sounds to establish the core of their music. They then discovered a second guitarist was necessary to reach the desired output of the instrumentals, and that wasn't so far from finding Peter Ayman. Together with Peter, the band managed to develop their own unique sound, a blend of the different backgrounds of the four members. The music was heavy, dark, and progressive . At that point, it was clear that this band was on its way to becoming a progressive metal band which took them to the next step of searching for a name. After brainstorming various names that fit the structure of the compositions, as well as the given time period for the band, "Anarchy" suited the sounds they created as well as the personal views of the members.
Despite the established backbone of the group, they were still facing a dilemma with the lead vocals. There were numerous auditions for vocalists, yet were still unable to find a suitable fit. Even though there was talent evident in the auditions, it was the chemistry with the music and the band members that was difficult to find. It wasn't until 2011 that the band was complete.
Peter (Guitarist) and Naeyr (Drummer) came across a vocalist that played in the same studio in which they practiced. After introducing the already developed compositions in the band, to Adham Kafafy he grew a strong liking towards their work, as well as gave innovative input. Writing lyrics and creating the vocal lines.

Anarchy was well on their way to establishing their name in the Egyptian metal community.
Anarchy's first performance was in May 2011. Sakkia Cultural Wheel was searching for audio submissions for their first Metal Festival. This concert sparked the remaining series of performances. Other major performances include the Heavy Tune Metal Festival (2 and 3 ) in Nile Country Club in July and in Cairo Land in November, and Rock Nation in September 2011.
In November of the same year, Polish station Radio Revolta asked Anarchy to send a recording for the show "Demons of Dark Worlds" which was aired with other high profile metal bands. Other performances include Sinai Radio , NILE TV SHOW NILE CRUIZE, and Neck buster in March 2012.
After Neck buster, the band took a break to record their album, which is to be released at their next concert summer 2012.


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