JorZine - Thee Project

Thee Project

Formed in 2008
Label: Unsighned
Genre: Nu Metal
Origin: Bahrain
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Ano
Lead Guitar Necro
Bass Buslooh
Drums Haji



What started out as an attempt to create a Bahraini all female metal band produced by ANO and NECRO, the project came to an end when they decided to experiment on their own, both with years of metal experience and different tastes, for example; NECRO (guitars) was involved in many other bands such as "Smoldering In Forgotten", they decided to start composing some songs written by ANO (vocals) from the late 90s, the project turned out to be a success with the birth of "AbuDageega", a 60 second track of mayhem and insanity.With the song recorded, and being distributed around, people demanded more, and so, the project continued to create, and they decided to make this band different than the others, by adding a few simple, yet challenging rules to the mix...

•Make each song sound and feel different than the other!
•Blend different genres of music (general) and Metal genres together.
•Make it all head-banging friendly.

And so, they carried on recording one track after another, until they recruited BuSLOOH (Bassist and producer), and HAJi (Drummer), as full time members, to write and compose more unique tracks together, and adding a new feel and touch to THEE PROjECT. The band went hard at work, putting all musical and lyrical ideas together in one "thought box", and re-recording all the previosly recorded tracks, with new instruments and recording gear, until the final creation was complete on April 30th 2009, and released their debut album entitled "Thee Art Of Mehyawa".


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