JorZine - Scarlet Tear

Scarlet Tear

Formed in 2008
Label: Unsighned
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Bahrain
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Dyaz
Rythm Guitar Emz
Lead Guitar Emz
Bass Emz



To this day and age, the music scene was usually considered to be a man's game. This is even more obvious when looking at a region such as the Middle East. And when you're talking about a small country like the Kingdom of Bahrain which has a very small music scene stocked with only a handful of real musicians surrounded by a whole lot of trendy types and figureheads, it was not long before a vision began to emerge in the eyes of two Bahraini females, Dyaz and Emz. It was this vision that marked the beginning of Scarlet Tear. The dynamic duo sought to prove to the world that even in a region that is very conservative, dreams can still be made into reality.

The band kicked off in 2009 with Dyaz on vocals and Emz on guitars. Although the band consisted of 2 females, their taste in music was indeed a force to be reckoned with. They decided to explore a deeper and darker side of music, one that can speak out to individuals at different levels. Most of the lyrics are based on real life situations and some even revolve around their own personal life experiences. The music itself was not limited to a certain style, but rather chosen carefully to capture the emotions behind the lyrics. With this approach, you'll find the songs ranging from soft rock to grunge to full blown heavy metal!

With the help of a few other local musicians, Scarlet Tear is now putting together a 5 track demo of their music which they hope to release within the year 2010.


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