JorZine - Outcast 44

Outcast 44

Formed in 2014
Label: Geek Recor
Genre: Nu-Metal
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sayed"Silverback"Ragai ( Vocals & Lyricist & Composer)

Zander Adam (Vocals & Producer & Composer )



Outcast 44 is a side project , The group comprises from two members Sayed Ragai from (Sinprophecy - Finis Omnium) and Zander Adam from (ex.Destiny In Chains - current. Hecate - Hallak) 

The idea came from Zander Adam as he was working on his Dub-step project "DimJax" after releasing the EP titled "We kick We Role" ft. Monroe 
he figured out adding a new vocals on the upcoming one , so he asked Sayed Ragai to join and add lyrics and vocal lines on the upcoming EP , but the music took a totally different sound that forced them to take a big decision which is make it a total individual and unique sound , based on each one of them backgrounds , so Outcast 44 has been created , working on the project changed a lot in the production of the sound what made both of the musician in the project adding vocals , so be from total electronic project into a Nu Metal/Hard-Core Electronic project that having Zander Adam as a main producer & Vocals , and Sayed Ragai as a main lyricist & Vocals .


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