JorZine - kmarykan


Formed in 2002
Label: Unsigned
Genre: symphonic
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Current Members :
Sej (Vocal)
Astuydath (Rhythm guitar)
Exidium (Drums)
Cresil (Keyboards & Synthesizer)
Saourva (Bass guitar)
Akephalos (Lead guitar)

Past Members :
Nima.M ( "R.I.P" Lead Guitar)
Mehran.P (Guitars)



 Kmarykan was formed by twin brothers "Sej" and "Astuydath" in 2002 in Iran, Called "Black Generation". At that time, The band Barely had run its course because of the political and social situation in Iran. A single track called "Ahura Mazda" in Elamite language (Ancient language in Iran) released from this band in 2003 which was not much welcomed. "Sej" and "Astuydath" Began composing and recording their demo songs account different atmosphere. They didn't want to publish their songs, because they want to achieve their desired quality. Following the talks to gain permanent members of the band, "Mehran.P" Joined the band as a guitar player. "Mehran.P" after 2 years working with the "Black Generation", migrated to Australia and left the band and finally this partnership ended in 2005 with recording an Intro for album. For Four and a half years, "Sej" & "Astuydath" worked on the songs that they had already worked as a demo that they didn't publish. They changed the name of the band to "Persian Force" In late 2009, With the aim of Inducing the Iranian identity of the band to the audience and introduced it as a Black Metal / Doom Metal Band. In early 2010, after reaching their desired style for the songs, they completed the band's Line-up. They met "Nima.M" and he joined the band as Guitar player and then "Excidium" came to join the band as Drummer. with the completion of the band's members, they recorded their first Full-length album. After one year in the process of collecting and rewriting the songs, the first album of the band called "Life in pledge" with eight tracks published in 2011, in Black metal / Doom metal genre. "Excidium" continued his coopration with the band, however he was migrated to America. "Nima.M" suggested changing the name of the band. A name that induce the lyrics themes and genres of the songs better. After a while "Cresil" joined the "Persian Force" as fixed keyboard and synthesizer player. "Nima.M" died in the event of a fall from height, in late 2012. The band suffered from a severe depression after the death of "Nima.M". The band's name changed to "Kmarykan" as a Symphonic Black Metal band. "Kmarykan" started with composing a track by "Cresil" in the memory of "Nima.M". "Saourva" joined the band as bass guitar player (in late 2013) and "Akephalos" joiend them as lead guitar player (in early 2014). "Kmarykan" started composing their second album and recording an EP album. From this EP album only one track called "The cursed heretics" released as a single track. Also another track called "Chain breaker" that is a collaboration between "Kmarykan" and "Trivax", released in 2014.

About Kmarykan : band Name (Kmarykan) the philosophy and meaning of the name, as it was said in Iran and as follows: Gatahas oldest book found in persia(iran) said that the Persian god (Ahura Mazda) in Zoroastrianism after of creation angels he create a world for them that called Amshaspndaz (in present we call paradise) In contrast,ahriman (devil him self) for his demons and minions create a world that called Kmarykan.and devils of destruction and ruin that live in kmarykan or the devils of kmarykan were called Kmarh`s demons(in persian : kmarah`s deeve). At the end of the world(armagedon) a battle happened between angels and demons in Kmarykan and gatahas book said that it toke along time.


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