JorZine - Infected Noise

Infected Noise

Formed in 2011
Label: no
Genre: Slam beatd
Origin: Morocco
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Nada - Vocals
Zakaria - Lead guitar/Back Vocals
Aissam - Drums
Lotfi - Bass



Infected Noise is a Slamming Beatdown band formed in Avril, 2011. When Nada and Aissam decided to jam together the musical genre that they appreciate, they met Zakaria and then the band was born out of their ideas and passion during the rehearsals.
Shortly after, Mouad and Aziz joined the band only to play along in ARTLESS, which took date in the sixth month of the same year, leaving the band with no bass nor second guitar player, the members decided to break up in September, 2011, so that decision being made the members took different paths. (i.e Aissam and Zakaria forming Carnival Slaughter).
Two years after, the founders of Infected Noise met up again to come up with a decision of bringing the old joy back cause they figured out that it's too precious to abandon.
The band currently consists of the three main members and the new talented bass player Lotfi whom joined them instantly in August, 2013.


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