JorZine - Anthems of Isolation

Anthems of Isolation

Formed in 2012
Label: Le Crepusc
Genre: Funeral/Dr
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Karam Endzeit: Vocals
Lord Erragal: All Instruments



Anthems of Isolation is a Funeral Doom Metal/Atmospheric/Drone project from Iraq 
formed by Karam Endzeit and Lord Erragal ( from Erragal and Amelnakru )

The main lyrical themes of the band are: Depression, Loss, Suicide, Solitude and Personal Experiences 

The band was formed after a trajic personal experience which was the main motivation to start the band in order to be able to express self's suffering and feelings through music which we are sure a lot of people share them with us... because simply this unfair world isn't as beautiful as it may seem..


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