JorZine - Haunted Cellar

Haunted Cellar

Formed in 2010
Label: Unsigned/i
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Khodor Nashar: Guitars
Aboud Kabbas: Bass,Backing Vocals
Riad Almohamad: Vocals
Rodi Mestrih: Drums,Percussion



It all began when Lead guitarist Alexi "Khodor" met the bassist Ak Vicious, after a while they decided to start a band..soon after they set up a place to rehearse with the help of the band's Ex-drummer.. then vocalist Riad joined the line-up. The band ex-Drummer quite the band, so Rodi filled for him to complete the line up ...
Rehearsed every day in their small, dark and rotten rehearsal place which they call "The Cellar", Came the idea of the band's name...


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