JorZine - Hypomania


Formed in 2012
Label: Unsigned/i
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Thabet Abu-Hammad: Vocals, Guitars
Mostapha Khreis: Lead Guitar
Zaid Alshamry: Bass
Omar Shammout: Drums



Hypomania was formed late in 2012 by friends & college mates Thabet Abu-Hammad & Mostapha khreis, who both share the obsession for thrash metal and it's poweful impact, then after searching for other members, their friend Zaid Alshamry who jammed with them a couple of times ago for an old project joined as the bassist & then the line-up was completed by the joning of the drummer Omar Shammout, whom Thabet met back in high school. 

Hypomania aims to deliver their own punch of Thrash Metal & reclaim the glory of the good thrash old school days but also evolving creativly, being open to any kickass ideas & constantly making the music better.

our lyrical themes are aimed to social critisizm & enlightment, trying to call for an awakening from the brainwashed & self-degrading life humanity has reached in our current days & for a long time. hoping to deliver a message of awareness & keep the true spirit of metal, a culture of thinkers who actually use their minds.


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