JorZine - Apostol


Formed in 2008
Label: Unsigned/i
Genre: Melodic De
Origin: Tunisia
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Talel - Vocals
Khalil - Solo-guitar
Yosri - Rythm-guitar
Michael - Keyboards
Amine - Bass
Youssef - Drums



The lack of Melodic Death Metal in Tunisia was the cause of creation of ApostoL. In december of 2007 Talel (vocals) and Khalil (guitars) were finally about realising that dream in this country. They started by composing and recording their music at home. The joining of Yosri (guitars), Safwen (keyboards), Jabran (drums) and Amine (Bass) has finished Apostol line-up. After few gigs Safwen was replaced by Michael.

Soon after covering some technically complex Melodic Death Metal bands and interpreting the first success "Shadow's Kiss", those young metalheads have shot a video clip of this single and soon recorded a demo album "Observing" including 3 songs. In february of 2010 Jabran was replaced by Youssef, a young ambitious drummer.


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