JorZine - Myrath


Formed in 2006
Label: XIII Bis R
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Tunisia
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Anis Jouini - Bass
Malek Ben Arbia - Guitars
Elyes Bouchoucha - Keyboards, Vocals
Zaher Zorgati - Vocals
Morgan Berthet - Drums



Myrath (which means Legacy) is a Metal band from Tunis-Tunisia, a small country well known for its resort areas on the Mediterranean coast but certainly not for its metal bands, yet what started out as a teenager cover band (named at the time Xtazy) and formed by guitarist Malek Ben Arbia (who was just 13 years old at the time) became in just few years a relatively well known and respected band by the international prog-power metal community

After spending the first four (4) years playing exclusively covers of their favorite bands (mainly DEATH and SYMPHONY X), the band gained enough experience to start writing its own music. Thus in March 2005 they released "double face", a self produced album, Even though it was more of a demo with an obvious Symphony X influence "double face" did however show very encouraging signs of composing skills especially that it was the first recording experience of a band consisting of students still in their teen years.

In March 24th 2006 the band opened for ROBERT PLANT and ADAGIO in a concert held in Tunisia in Carthage roman amphitheater and attended by about 7OOO metal/rock fans. That day they met Adagios keyboard player Kevin Codfert who later became the band producer and sound engineer.

With the valuable support of Kevin, the addition (in September 2006) of experienced Bass player Anis Jouini and the improved composing and playing skills of guitarist Malek Ben Arbia, who graduated (in July 2006) from the prestigious French guitar school Music academy international (M.A.I.), the band became more ambitious in pursuing an international career.

To this respect they started by changing the band name from Xtazy to MYRATH then in December 2006 they recorded the album "Hope" with Kevin Codfert as sound engineer and producer.

This album was a turning point in Myrath carrier as the band was signed by the French label Brennus-Music, who released "HOPE" worldwide in September 2007. (Thus Myrath became the first Tunisian metal band to be signed by an international label)

"HOPE" was praised by the media in numerous reviews by well known webzines and magazines and was even voted in the top best 5 albums of the year by major webzines and metal radio stations.

Most critics predicted a bright future for the band as summarized by one of them who wrote "Myrath will probably be the first band from Maghreb which will have a famous international career. This album is one of the best releases of Progressive Metal that I had the chance to listen to lately. Thumb up to Myrath for this exceptional release… this band will become really big and famous you'll see, I will not be wrong".

The success of "HOPE" contributed to improving the notoriety of Myrath, and paved the way for prestigious European festivals to include the band in the lineup of their 2008 editions. Thus on May 2nd 2008 Myrath made an impressive debut live performance outside Tunisia in PROGSUD Festival (Marseille – France) with talented singer Zaher Zorgati (who joined the band in June 2007) as front man.

The follow up album ‘’DESERT CALL’’ which was officially released on January 25th 2010 in Europe by the major French labels XIII Bis Records (Sony distribution) and in the rest of the world by the prestigious American Label Nightmare Records was a second turning point in Myrath carrier in terms of improved notoriety ,increased fan base as well as a wider interest of the media and promoters.

‘’DESERT CALL’’, which offers a new style of Progressive Power Metal consisting of a mix between traditional Tunisian music and metal enhanced by a balanced Arabian and western orchestration was praised by the media in numerous well known European and American webzines and magazines and had a huge success worldwide which increased considerably the band notoriety and fan base. The album was even voted in the top 2010 best albums by several webzines.

In view of promoting this album Myrath traveled to Europe for a mini tour highlighted by a brilliant show on October 2nd 2010 in Progpower Europe festival which was held in Baarlo – The Netherlands

The latest album "TALES OF THE SANDS" (the band’s third album) released on 26 September 2011, by XIII Bis Records (in Europe),Nightmare Records (in North America) and Kings Record (in Japan) was unanimously praised by the media and contributed to winning the hearts and souls of thousands of fans worldwide throughout teach track of this album, the powerful, splendid vocals of Zaher Zorgatti (never before has a singer integrated so brilliantly and elegantly quarter step vocal lines) combined with the heavy riffs and soulful melodies of talented guitarist Malek Ben Arbia , the grooves of Anis Jouini bass and the melodies of Elyes Bouchoucha keyboards, blend beautifully together to make Myrath music a real trademark of absolutely unique sound bursting with oriental /metal energy that is felt throughout the whole album
In a way this album has brought winds of changes to the metal scene, the way the Tunisian revolution of January 14th 2011 has sparked the Arab spring
"Tales of the Sands" was brilliantly Produced by Kevin Codfert, mixed in Sweden by Frederik Nordstom and Kevin Codfert, and mastered also in Sweden by Jens Bogren

To promote the release of "TALES OF THE SANDS", MYRATH, has filmed 2 video clips, then supported "Orphaned Land" in a one month long European tour (November/December 2011), and Tarja Turunen on its February 2012 French tour. with new talented drummer Morgan Berthet (who joined the band on a permanent basis in October 2011)
Myrath also traveled all the way to Calcutta -India on April 19,2012 to play a headliner show in front of a record audience of several thousands,played in several European festivals (such as Motocultor)
and will tour Europe starting late October

2013 will be a very busy year for Myrath as several appearances are scheduled in prestigious international festivals mainly Progpower USA (scheduled for September 6,7, 2013)
in addition a new album is in the making and should be released sometime during the first quarter 2013


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