JorZine - Lunacyst


Formed in 2009
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death Meta
Origin: Bahrain
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Vocals Calvin
Guitar Dimiyawe
Bass Godinho
Drums Ryan



Formed in 2009, Lunacyst, with the name taken from words Lunatic (Insanity) and Cyst (Skin Disease) are a four-piece metal band from Riffa, Bahrain. Our style is most easily described as extreme metal, with some death and trash influences.

The line-up and name has kept changing since the birth of the idea of the band in 1999, with various names such as Phat Nutz, Path Under Calm and most recently The Mushroom Massacre. Our influences in metal have also grown heavier and louder since we first got introduced to metal in the 90s. And we look forward to making even heavier and better music for all metal-heads around the world so that they can relate to our tunes in some way or another, because that's what Lunacyst is about!

Lunacyst has recorded their first-ever EP in 2010 called (Untitled) and has played about 3 gigs as Lunacyst. That said, the metal scene in Bahrain is very demotivating for Lunacyst, with their lead guitarist (Dimiyawe) surrounded by controversies recently, mainly because his t-shirt had a devil-type figure on it at a gig, and unfortunately, he was arrested for wearing it! These are just some of the difficulties that the band faces day-to-day in Bahrain. The band tries to put up with the negatives that surround them and continue make music that will torment your minds! Lunacyst is a Middle-Eastern metal fury to look out for!


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