JorZine - Merciless Encounter

Merciless Encounter

Formed in 2010
Label: Unsigned/i
Genre: Alternativ
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Izz Aryan: vocals, Guitars
AD Hafez : Guitars
Trap Hafez : Bass
Rajaee Basem (D.K.) : Drums



The Band Started In 2010 , Covering many bands. In late 2010 The Band Started Writing Their Own Songs, Now We Hope That The Band Get A Record Label And Rock The World .

We really like to make music and put our own style and what we feel in it. so we spend most of our time making riffs, melodies, lyrics, drumbeats, bass and solos. We also cover a lot of different songs for different bands. We are hoping that we sign up with a record label in the near future or something similar so that our music can be heard


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