JorZine - Triplet


Formed in 2011
Label: None
Genre: Soft/Class
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Mohammed Saad: Acoustic Guitars,Vocals
Mohammed Taifi: Guitars
Farhan Abu-Hamdan: Bass
Megan Coleman: Drums



Triplet Band
The name of the band came from the triplet music note which stands as three members.

The band was founded on March 2011 By Mohammed Saad and Ali Al-Joboury. Mohammed Darwish (R.I.P.) then joined the band as a lead guitar player and acoustic bass player on April 2011, he passed away in Sep.2011. Mustafa Muhana joined the band as the band bassist in Sep.2011. Mohammad Taifi from the band (Empty Chair) joined the band as acoustic session lead guitar on Sep.2011. and at the end of 2012 the band was reformed by adding other members to the board, Farhan Abu- Hamdan (Illusions Band) Bassist joined us as to be our bassist, also Megan Coleman Joined the band as our drummer.


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