JorZine - Olympus


Formed in 2010
Label: None
Genre: Heavy Meta
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Ameen Al-Jaff: Guitars,Vocals
Mahmoud Meta: Guitars
Lateef Abo Omen: Drums
Humam Ibrahim: Bass (Session)



Olympus is an Iraqi Heavy Metal band established in Summer 2010 by Ameen Al-jaff ( Former/ Guitars and Vocals ) with the Mahmoud Meta ( Guitars ) and Lateef Abo Omen ( Drums ) to show their love of music in the current Iraqi Atmosphere. The band tries to get out of the whole atmosphere by working on music the members like with the influence of the Greek Mythology. Olympus Lyrical theme focuses on the Greek Mythology, from the Titans to the war with the Olympian Gods and etc. . Olympus is working on the first demo consisting some songs with different genres and tastes, and it's being recorded in a home studio, no labels or Metal studios in Iraq , so sorry for the sound quality, it is the best we can get.


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