JorZine - O'ROCK


Formed in 2011
Label: Home Studi
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Haval yousef: Vocals
Ameen Aljaff: Backing Vocals,Guitars



By the time Iraq has some musical improvements, besides the daily increasing number of the Rock fans in Iraq, Haval Yousef & Ameen Al-Jaff made their movement to establish the band O'ROCK, depending on their humble acknowledgement in music and history. 

The first move was "All Rock Influences", an album that consists of 5 original tracks and 1 tribute song:

1- Rockin' All The Night. ( Lyrics By: Haval Yousef , Music By: Ameen Al-Jaff )
2- Dagger In My Back. ( Lyrics By: Haval Yousef , Music By: Ameen Al-Jaff )
3- Living With The Demons. ( Lyrics & Music By: Haval Yousef )
4- Identity. ( Lyrics By: Haval Yousef , Music By: Ameen Al-Jaff )
5- My Diaries. ( Lyrics By: Haval Yousef , Music By: Adel Faiq )
6- Smoke On The Water. ( Deep Purple Tribute ) 

What brings a smile, some songs were written and recorded in a few hours, like Rockin' All The Night, it took about 4 hours to be ready to be published.

The name "All Rock Influences" shows the spirit of the Old School of Rock that influenced the band to make their original album. 

This is not going to be their last work, it's only the spark to start, and the band will look to get on stage as soon as it gets the chance.


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