JorZine - Fatalogy


Formed in 2009
Label: None
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Ahmed Al-Salihi: Vocals
Ramy Abd Al-Sattar: Guitars
Mahmood Meta: Guitars
Humam Ibrahem: Bass
Rafi Saib: Drums



FATALOGY is an Iraqi thrash metal band from Baghdad spawned in the summer of 2009. After jamming sessions with some Iraqi musicians and experiences of Fatalogy's members with some Iraqi metal bands, Rafi Saib (Drums), Aws Adnan (Vocals), Ramy Abd Al-Sattar (Guitars) and Humam Ibrahem (Bass) decided to unleash Fatalogy in a country lacks music shops, equipments and a society misunderstood Metal music calling it "Abomination".

The guys started to write and record their own songs while playing some of slayer and exodus covers in a small room mixed with the Middle Eastern high temperatures. in October 2009 Aws left Iraq due to some problems he faced, leaving a place for Ahmed Al-Salihi to take .

Three months later Ahmed Al-Salihi on vocals joined the band, finding himself in front of two demo tracks the 1st one is called Abo Ghraib and the other called War After War that u can check on their Facebook fan page. After recording the two tracks, Fatalogy set a 13 songs list to play it live in November 2010 and in front of 400 people in the middle of Baghdad. This list contained songs from exodus to Kreator, slayer and other thrash bands icons plus their two songs.

The Line-up completed by the Guitarist Mahmod from Dog Faced Corpse who joined the band in July,2011.

Now we are working on our EP album which will be released soon and waiting to kick some asses. Fatalogy's lyrical themes focus on Suffering, Society's inner problems and Rebellions.


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