JorZine - Erragal


Formed in 2009
Label: Salute Rec
Genre: Ambient Bl
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Erragal: All instruments, Vocals



Erragal is a one man ambient black metal/mesopotamian ritualistic dark ambient band from baghdad/iraq..formed by yassir .."AKA Lord Erragal " in 2009. piano and keyboards were the main musical essence which brings the ambient atmosphere to the project in that time which formed the theme of Erragal`s music as a Mesopotamian musical touches with some dark oriental attitude...the general lyrical theme based on sumerian mythology so as babylonian myths..the concept is dealing with the ancient gods and paganism in that time with mixture of blasphemy and anti-religion..the music have been developed into black metal/dark ambient in the 1st full length "the forgotten land" released in 2011


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