JorZine - Dog Faced Corpse

Dog Faced Corpse

Formed in 2008
Label: Salute Rec
Genre: Technical
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Samer: Vocals
Mahmod: Guitars
Omar: Guitars
Lateef: Drums
Mohammed: Bass



Dog-faced-corpse is the first Iraqi death metal band from Baghdad /Iraq , the band was found by drummer Lateef(AboOmeN) on the 1st of august - 2008 and the band is considered as the first band that plays death metal from iraq .. with one aim .. creating extreme music that rapes your ears yet with attitude and elegance pulling influences from whatever sounds intelligent like classical music and jazz fusion and of course still sounding brutal by bringing the sickness of death metal inspired by bands like suffocation , gorgasm , disgorge , spawn of possession , cynic , death , psycroptic , devourment , atheist , cannibal corpse , severed savior , deeds of flesh , defeated sanity and many others , the lyrical theme copes with the music , as true and real as the music .. uncovering some of the most disturbing and morbid stories from our hometown during the sectarian clashes , cold blooded murders , mutilations , mayhem and chaos.
the lineup of the band had some changes in the last 4 years , few players have joined and left DFC through these years , just to name few (mohamed ali - guitars , ameen al jaff - guitars , mothanna - vocals .. ) .. current lineup consists of samer on throat , mahmod on guitars , omar on guitars , mohammed on bass , and lateef on drums.
DFC did many shows in iraq/baghdad and some other few gigs in turkey/istanbul and is willing to expand the sickness to wider perverted audience by releasing our debut demo and later a full length album.


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