JorZine - Acyl


Formed in 2006
Label: M&O Music
Genre: Oriental M
Origin: Algeria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Reda: guitar, ethnic choirs, traditional percussions

Michael: drums, samplers, ethnic choirs

Salah: bass, ethnic choirs,traditional percussions

Abder'Rahman: guitar, ethnic choirs, traditionnal percussions

Amine: All vocals, guitar, ethnic choirs, oud, Algerian mandoline, traditional percussions



ACYL is an experimental ethnic Metal band. The «idea» emerged from the continuation of a previous project which Amine was behind alongside the spearheads of the Algerian metal of the 90's among whom Reda, guitarist and founder of the band «Worth» evolved. This idea needed to develop until 2006, when Amine convinced him to make a group that would be strong in its beliefs and ambitions. Soon, Salah – a friend and session bassist in several musical projects – joined them as a full member. In 2007 the group met Michael (former Myst), a drummer well versed in progressive metal. The musical alliance was finalised and the line up was complete. That is why in 2007, starting from an “idea”, the group ACYL was born, expressing his personality through his music and his graphic world.

In two years, more than 20 titles were composed and recorded. With concerns of rigour and consistency the group looked to the thread of their creations and in September 2010 the first production moved towards an EP of 4 titles: "The Angel's Sin" self produced with the help of “La Halle Du Rock”. The implementation and completion of this project were the first harbingers of the release of the album "Algebra" which was conducted in July 2011 in the studios "TOWER STUDIO" and whose output is provided by "M&O MUSIC"in February 2012. 

The group plans to promote "Algebra" in a series of concerts before the end of the year 2011, and with a tour which will take place in the spring of 2012.


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