JorZine - Fiends At Feast

Fiends At Feast

Formed in 2007
Label: Horror Pai
Genre: Black/Deat
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Nathan: Bass
Marloc: Drums
Sammer: Guitars
Azazel: Guitars
Loki: Vocals



The band was founded by guitarists Sammer and David out of The Barbarian’s bedroom in 2008. Bassist Nathan Nunes and vocalist Loki joined and weeks after the band had begun writing original material. After two previous drummers had left the band, the fiends met up with their current drummer, Marloc, in September of 2009, thus completing the current lineup. Fiends At Feast released their debut EP "Shadows Of Extinction" in early 2011 and are currently gigging in support of it throughout the bay area and west coast.


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