JorZine - Acrassicauda


Formed in 2000
Label: None
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Iraq
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Faisal Mustafa: Vocals/Guitars
Marwan Hussein: Drums
Tony Yaqoo: Guitars
Firas Allateef: Bass
Muhammad Al Ansari: Guitars



Obstacles seem to find their way into everyone's lives. Some people falter the moment they come across them, others push through and overcome anything that stands in their way. Over the course of six years, we've been able to connect with a band that has faced difficulties that most bands could never fathom. While other bands dealt with creative differences and arguments, Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda faced death threats, bombings, and had to worry about the safety of their families and relatives. Now residing in the states, the band is proud to announce their first release, Only The Dead See The End Of The War.

The four-song debut EP explodes with intensified war metal that could only be fueled by the frustration of a band struggling to continue their passion for over a decade of rejection. Recorded at Spin Studios in Long Island City, NY under the watchful eye of Nik Chinboukas, Alex Skolnick of Testament joined the band in the production process while Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, System Of A Down) mixed the EP.


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