JorZine - Positive Poison

Positive Poison

Formed in 2003
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Heavy Meta
Origin: Kuwait
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Azura
Rythm Guitar Fist
Lead Guitar Omega
Bass Dragonfly
Drums Demoniker
Keyboards Darkvain



Positive Poison is a Kuwaiti/Moroccan band formed in Kuwait during 2003.
Dragonfly as the guitarist and Darkvain as the programmer came up with the idea of making the band, with the musical experience they had. They thought Omega should join the band as the bassist. They started first with the thought of making music as a hobby. As the time went by, they realized that it is more than a hobby. They started thinking and taking it seriously, and adding more members to the band.

As a close friend and musician, SolKrad joined the band as the vocalist.
Dragonfly switched to bass, Omega to guitar and Darkvain to drums. After a year of jamming and improving musical skills, they started looking for a second guitarist to join the band to make their music heavier. That was when Darkvain met Fist and introduced him to the band. By then Darkvain had switched back to programming drums, synthesizing sounds and samples.

In 20th of July 2006, the five members had the opportunity to perform in the Messilah's Summer Rock Out 2006. After the show, Fist officially joined the band as the second guitarist. After the show, they gave the band after a long time thinking, the official name: Positive Poison.

November 23rd 2006, Positive Poison had a second chance to perform live in the K-Town Music and Art Festival. They set their tracks for the show but they lacked a keyboardist. That's when Azura joined as a "Live Keyboardist". After the K-Town Music and Art Festival, SolKrad was forced to make the decision of leaving the band due to personal reasons. That made the band start looking for a vocalist, while Azura happened to have vocal skills enough to make him an excellent match and replacement for SolKrad. Which made the band accept him as the vocalist. Meanwhile, Darkvain decided to be the keyboardist and the programmer.

Two weeks after Azura joined the band, Positive Poison was invited to perform in the annual French Music Festival 2007. Positive Poison was satisfied to perform along side different music genres and be appreciated.

The experience gained from the three live shows, along with the materials they had forced Positive Poison to started to thinking ahead and decided to take it to the next level by recording their first single "Legal Genocide". Sarj from Nocturna gave them the opportunity to record and mix their track. During the recording sessions of the track "Legal Genocide", the band was seeking a drummer to join the band. After several auditions they found Demoniker, and auditioned him. During the audition, the band noticed that Demoniker's drumming style was what they were looking for, as a result Demoniker joined Positive Poison, making the band complete.

The dynamic riffs and smooth strings which Fist creates and the dark yet ambient sounds of Dragonfly's bass with Demoniker's heavy and variable drumming alongside the soft melodies and electronic samples that comes from Darkvain mixed with the powerful and atmospheric guitar rhythms from Omega concluded by the aggressive voice of Azura, makes Positive Poison's own and unique style.

Positive Poison's members were striving to reach out to the world, and let the people all around them hear out their messages that they are trying to show throughout their music. Their spoken words have yet to deliver a deeper meaning than mere words. Positive Poison emphasizes its symbolic music on the everyday issues that circles them in society. The hidden side to facts and news that we see and hear everyday on TV, or in the street or even while talking to your dearest friend is what the band's all about.
Showing people the truth that was long forgotten and only few remain to hold it together, Positive poison gives its heart for the sole purpose of showing these hidden facts and truths and hoping for a better world to live in.

The music industry is getting larger everyday and isn't what it used to be anymore. It was created to inspire people, but what we see today is completely different from what is meant to be. Music never was a symbol of fame and luxury. The wrong direction that some musicians accept to live with is the reason why music industries are unnecessarily getting bigger.
Positive Poison is against the new generation of cliché music thus creating a parallel line to enlighten as many people as it could and make them enjoy good, real music with the real heart-felt meanings. For that, Positive Poison also wants to show people to the light and truth behind the wrong methods spread amongst society.

The vision that the band members share is one, and the band is willing to go through hardships and learn from past mistakes to reach its goal.
Positive Poison isn't and won't be satisfied until it fulfills that which is it's purpose, "I won't stop making music with the band even if I saw my name in neon lights everywhere." said Azura. The horizon that the band is building upon is a bridge of unlimited potential. As they are placing their first step in the huge mine-field of the music industry, they won't back down and neglect their musical taste and attitude. "I love the music I am making, but I just want more!" said Omega. Moreover, the balance which is put through the variety of styles and musical preferences has given the band quiet a unique style which all the members like.

Dragonfly:Bass / Back vocals
Demoniker:Drums & percussions
Darkvain:Keyboard and samplers


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