JorZine - black13angelz


Formed in 2007
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Kuwait
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals Abdalazez-Joey
Rythm Guitar Abdalazez-Joey
Lead Guitar Abbas-Abzy
Bass Abdullah-3bood
Drums Nuwaf-Jeff
Keyboards Abdalazez-Joey



as u see guys am sure every one is asking what kinda of name that band has well it means the black unlucky angelz coz am sure we all know that 13 is unlucky number or a bad number so this is it

we started on 13/Oct/2007 and it was really hard for us 2 get 2 this point we have tried our best 2 make it and it's really hard 2 rock in this country people don't get this music so we started 2 change it around here which is good

so about our songs we're talking about true stories which it happens 2 most of us and we're still young and doing great can't wait 2 grow up with music and play more shows and big ones it's our dream we hope u all like our band and we like 2 be friends with all of u so feel free for adding us and comment we love u all peace


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