JorZine - Netherion


Formed in 2010
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death Meta
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Gilbert (vocals)
Nihility (Lead Guitar)
Mohammed Al-Shalaq (Guitar)
Mohammad Alesseh (Bass)
Fadi Massamiri (Drums )



The project started in 2009 when our Guitarists Demashky ( nihility ) and shalaq met in collage .. it was like hey dude you play the guitar well me too lets do some jamming .. then shlaq introduced the bass player
((essah )) then the old Drummer ((Khalid nassar )) who played with us in the demo
Recently ((fadi mssamiri )) also knowen as ((Typhone)) who played in a Great Local band Called (( Eulen)) and played the Drums in another local band ((Abidetherein)) joined Netherion as replacement to (( Khalid Nassar ))
the vocal (( Gilbert )) were introduced to the band after a while by a friend of the Guitarists
then we gave the band a name "Netherion" a combination of two words "nether" and "Ion"
"nether" goes back to the nether world ( the world of spirits were the souls dwells after death before the judgment day in some legends and tails , "Ion" is the center of the atom so basically the name means the center of the nether world , so far it Describes the state of Decay we feel that the world is drowning in with all the issues and Psychodrama
all of us grew up with metal music in general , , Death metal was our favorite genre by all means the strong riffs
The techniques , the lyrics, you know its all about the taste

Netherion :(the Ion of the Nether World) we kind of invented the name to describe the Stat of Decay that we feel that the world is Drowning in
Genre : Death Metal
Lyrical themes : Social Issues , horror tails , Freedom, Inner strength


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