JorZine - Luay Rifai

Luay Rifai

Formed in 1999
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Instrument
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Luay Rifai - All Instruments



Born in the world's oldest capital city of Damascus - Syria on August 13th 1982, Luay Rifai's self-taught approach to the instrument of electric guitar, revealed high dexterity in original and cunning playing, bringing together his diverse passionate melodic licks and rhythms along with remarkable over the top shred-ability, emerging him as an outstanding upmost instrumental rock guitar virtuoso. Throughout the years, Luay Rifai has been part of numerous genre-specific online communities, participating in various collaboration projects with independent musicians around the globe.

Being a medical doctor further contributed his mind-set and very detail-oriented demeanor of always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect take & feel he's looking for. Coordinating both, music & medicine, reflects his well-rounded personality, as he thrives to establish where those two worlds collide.


"Timeless Truths" is released 10/11/2012; Epic rock-solid guitar virtuosity delivering rich lush soulful melodies seamlessly intertwined with harmonies of wild deep emotions. Syrian-born guitar virtuoso, and physician, brings on a truly sensational majestic performance. (CDBaby)

Music album; "Vital" is a concept album in the style of instrumental rock guitar, the album includes the track "Vital"; 36 min long concept instrumental piece split into 7 tracks, in addition to 5 stand-alone tracks.

- Digital albums available in online stores via iTunes (U.S., Canada, UK/European Union, Australia/N.Z., Japan), Rhapsody, Amazon mp3, Napster, and Mixposure.
- Retail orders are via Official Website "", CDbaby, (Guitar Nine Records), CD Universe,

Luay Rifai uses:
- Primarily: Ibanez Guitars (RG Prestige series), Jackson Warrior X-series, Fender Acoustics.
- DiMarzio Pickups: Super 3 / Tone Zone [Parallel] , Tone Zone / Airnorton [Series]
- Dean Markley Blue Steel, Ernie Ball - Coated Slinky
- Peavey Amp heads & Cabinets
- Fractal Audio Systems - Rack unit & Midi Controller
- Mission Engineering expression pedals
- KRK Monitors
- Shure, Sennheiser, MXL microphones.
- Mogami Cables


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