JorZine - The Yaars

The Yaars

Formed in 2008
Label: None
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Arash: Bass,Backing Vocals
Kamyar: Guitars,Backing Vocals
Soheil: Guitars
Bahman: Drums,Vocals



Named after four best friends(All Born In 1990),The Yaars started to happen in 2005! Two classmates named Bahman and Kamyar decided to jam together,by Bahman playing drums and Kamyar playing electric guitar they started. they formed a band named Atar -meaning fire or heat in Zoroastrian language. 

In 2006 they accidentaly met Arash in a party,Arash happened to be a bass player! same year their long-term friend Soheil joined the band as the rhythm guitarist and they changed Atar to The Tramps -which was named after a song by Buddy Guy. They started covering songs from famous rock bands like Deep Purple,Kiss,AC/DC,Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. after improving their skills in their own instruments by practicing together and also covering songs that were more difficult,they began thinking of some new material,something that was in the spirit of The Tramps,something energic! 

With the smashing sound of Bahman's drums,melting solo's of Kamyar,kick-ass basslines of Arash,enormous riffs that came out of Soheil's instrument and the ideas that was flowing from brains of the four,they started composing their debut album called "You Can Call Me That",but because of the university entrance exam called Konkoor in iran during 2007,they were studying their butts off! so they just wrote the material down on the paper,and they just played together once a week.

In 2008 they had enough time to rock! due to similarity of the bands name with other bands worldwide they decided to change it to The Yaars -with "Yaar" meaning "Friend" in Persian language- and The Yaars started their journey to the promised land...


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