JorZine - TarantisT


Formed in 2000
Label: None
Genre: Post- Rock
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Arash: Bass, Vocals
Ars: Guitars
Danny: Drums
Chris: Guitars



TarantisT project started on year 2000 in Tehran.Title of the band, TarantisT, was made based on “Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zoroaster- chapter 19- about the Tarantulas”. TarantisT means bitten by Tarantula. The bitten, toxic person or TarantisT gets Dance Disease or Tarantism (title of band’s first album) and tries to get rid of the poison through by dancing, which the band consider that dance as Head-banging. Poison also, in the band’s dictionary, defines as the sufferings coming from the world around!

Private, real underground shows in the rehearsing basements, Half-away-canceled-On-The-Ground shows in Tehran, Self-produced and self-published albums and singles, Receiving Gold prize after participating in Avaye Hambastegi Festival (Sound of Solidarity) held by Tehran’s Municipality, Competing in Tehran Avenue Underground Music Festival (UMC, TAMF 1, TAMF 2), Touring in Europe, North America and the Middle-East, Participating in some world famous festivals like South by Southwest, Canadian Music Week, CMJ, Mehregan, Intergalactic Festival, etc. and having shows with the legends and high-profiles like Metallica, Motorhead, Stone Temple Pilots, Cheap Trick, Muse, Voivod, My Ruin, Sum 41 and many others, Moving to the United States and Hollywood scene from Tehran’s basements on 2008, Getting selected to compete for Motley Crue and KISS tours as an opening act, Becoming the Best Indie Rock Band in Asia by AVIMA Entertainment Group, Getting the title of the Best Metal Band out of Iran by the world famous Metal Hammer Magazine… and a lot more to say, were all TarantisT was busy in, during all of these years, even in the worst possible situations.


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